PS4 Controller Icons V. 1.4 [Update]

Mit der Version 1.4 können die PlayStation-Icons neben den Hauptspielen auch im Launcher eingefügt werden. Die Installationsbeschreibung ist im Changelog.

*** Update ***

Der Download enthält nun auch einen Uninstaller, falls euch die Icons nicht zusagen sollten.

Replaces the controller icons from Xbox to PlayStation.


To install: Download extract the .mem file You will need to download Mass Effect Modder here and download the newest .7z file is that doesn’t say NoGui to download it, extract the .exe and open it.

Extra: Decided to see if I could replace the icons for the launcher (not a big deal, but a nice-to-have!). Turns out it was pretty easy with some tweaks tot he flash file. I’ve included a LauncherUI.swf replacement that will show PlayStation icons in the launcher!

  • Open MassEffectModder.exe
  • Click the Textures Manager under the game you are modifying and let it scan your textures
  • Once it finishes scanning, click Exit Texture Manager
  • Click Mods Manager (still under the game you are modifying)
  • Mods Installer -> Add to List, select the PS4 Icon.mem file you downloaded (should have ME1, ME2, or ME3 first to make sure you are using the right file for the right game!)
  • Then click the mod on the list of loaded mods and click „Install selected mods“

Shout out to @mgamerz for helping me find better resolution icons to use for this project!

  • Version 1.4

    • Add flash file replacer to add icons for LE launcher 🙂
  • Version 1.3

    • ME1 now supported
  • Version 1.2

    • ME2 now supported
  • Version 1.1

    • ME3 fixed sizes and resolution
  • Version 1

    • ME3 Icons replaced. Sizes not exact, some textures a little blurry.
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