Renegade X V. 0.2 Open Beta

Etwas verspätet wollen wir euch noch die aktuelle Renegade X – Version zum Download anbieten. Wie bereits bei vielen Erst-Veröffentlichungen üblich, handelt es sich dabei vor allem um ein Balancing- und Bug-Fixes-Update. Die entsprechenden Änderungen können im Changelog nachgelesen werden.

[Download nicht gefunden.]

Balance / Gameplay Fixes:

  • Airstrike Deploy time increased slightly
  • Airstrike Beams are more visible
  • Airstrike Reduced damage and splash damage
  • Airstrike Price increased to 800 credits
  • Fixed not losing Sidearms in MP
  • Fixed hitting left Alt (walking mode) and releasing it while in ADS allowing you to go back to normal speed while staying in ADS
  • Fixed Stealth Tank kicking up dirt after it has been shot once (till it fired and cloaked again)
  • Gun/Rocket Emplacements now have the same health as an MRLS/Arty
  • Gun/Rocket Emplacement now has a longer respawn time
  • Gun/Rocket emplacement damage and range
  • Fixed bolt action reload weapon fast firing bug
  • Fixed bots being able to see cloaked units
  • Fixed being able to lock onto cloaked units
  • Artillery’s projectile speed increased to counter arch’s impact on difficulty
  • Mammoth Tank speed reduced
  • Stealth Tank missile range reduced
  • MRLS Lock Tolerance reduced
  • Machine Pistol has infinite ammo
  • Machine Pistol damage reduce slightly
  • Railgun / PIC have faster rate of fires
  • All bullet firing vehicles have faster bullet projectiles
  • Mammoth Missiles use a different particle effect
  • Mammoth Missiles damage reduced
  • A cloaked Stealth Tank can be seen from further away
  • Guard Tower projectile travels faster
  • Added a GDI/Nod version of the SMG/Machine Pistol so that GDI/Nod have colour coded bullets like AR
  • Fixed C4 that destroyed a vehicle also damaged the ejected driver
  • Reduced default deathcrate probability to 0%
  • Grenade damage & splash radius reduced
  • Grenade equip & reload times increased


  • Fixed an issue where above medium texture settings would cause graphical lighting issues.
  • Added bobbing intractable arrow over targeted units
  • Changed „E to enter“ to show over the interactable arrow
  • Enemy nickname can hide behind dynamic objects
  • Added proper localization strings for Rx_Game. Primarily, this shows „C&C Mode“ on the loading screen instead of „Team Deathmatch“
  • Added GameVersion, MapName to servers fetching for server list
  • Now server list (in game) will only add servers that are same version as game
  • Fixed PT not closing when in PT while the map ends
  • Fixed one frame lag on targeting box
  • Defenses controlled by AI no longer show enter-able arrow
  • Enterable arrow, intractable message, and showing your own player name are all now toggle-able via ini
  • Implement ping, and map name as well as mapImage in the server browser
  • Fixed the issue on joining the wrong server in server browser ingame after sorting
  • Reworked parsing the resolution list.
  • Fixed ingame menu’s „suicide“
  • Added ability to target purchase terminals and MCTs
  • Added tips when parachuting, or targeting Tech, or Enemy MCTs. These can be toggled
  • Gave everything its own unique DamageType, so that the specific Weapon/Vehicle used can be identified
  • Fixed up some death messages showing the wrong icon. (Does not fix Headshots or RunOvers)
  • Fixed dying while in PT screen didn’t close the PT and then buying something spawned you at the middle of the map
  • Chat message duration is now three times longer and chat line count is now twice as much
  • Implement a dllbind to check which graphic card adapter the player use. This is be used for checking adapter specific settings such as FXAA and MLAA settings, APEX, etc
  • Added a temporary column for scoreboard for ping values. Ping has been implemented ingame scoreboard
  • Added a header for server name in scoreboard UI
  • Video settings will now exit its settings window once it is successfully applied its settings
  • Fixed the missing Tiberium Autorifle icons and Tiberium Flechette icons for previous and next weapons in HUD
  • Fixed the GDI PT shortcut issue where using the Chinook hotkey purchased an Orca and the Orca hotkey did not work
  • User messages (names and chat messages) displayed on the HUD can no longer be parsed as HTML
  • Can now donate via console using name matches with „donate“ command


  • Fixed collision issue with Refinery which allowed you to place a beacon in a non-disarm-able place next to the silo
  • Weapons Factory ramps now have a collision piece which prevents beacons to be placed in non-disarm-able location


  • GDI can no longer base to base from their vantage point
  • GDI MRLS can no longer bombard Nod ref from their side of the field
  • Added invisible barriers at both GDI/Nod vantage points
  • Reduced screen dust effect


  • Fixed vehicle collision blockers which were deemed invalid.
  • GDI base cannot be entered through use of exploit anymore
  • Landscape LODs faster for increased performance.
  • Slightly moved pyramids over for extra visibility
  • Fixed GDI right side collision issue


  • Added tunnels (Work in Progress)


  • Updated lighting
  • Map made slightly brighter
  • Reduced fog effect on field


  • Disabled blurry post process along the river
  • Removed all dynamic level events
  • Various fixes and updates
  • New rock textures


  • Disabled screen rain drop effect
  • Fixed super loud lightning sounds
  • Reduced fog values by 50% per emitter


  • Moved GuardTowers to cover more ground.
  • Added more armour to (sniper) watchtowers.
  • GDI bridge is now a tighter chokepoint.
  • Hand of Nod is now more easily accessible to GDI infantry
  • End of the Nod bridge has gained some cover for GDI / Nod to utilize to balance with GDI bridge
  • Nod can no longer bypass GDI bridge and go straight into the river


  • Disabled speed tree leaves and fronds on all graphics settings, as they seemed to be causing crashes for some users, and we don’t use them at all
  • Doors no longer replicates open/close states. It’s completely simulated locally now
  • Vehicle seats now replicate properly


  • Crashing on map change reduced considerably if not removed entirely. (No internal test crash was reported)
  • Fixed check for endgame announcement.
  • Parachute, boink, and credit flow sounds now have proper sound classes and should have their volumes be adjusted when the appropriate volume setting is tweaked
  • Added new Automatic Rifle animations and sounds
  • Added ping functionality
  • Reduced intro volume
  • Fixed a critical bots bug where it was possible to crash the server
  • Removed Building Repaired EVA sound for the time being
  • Added bBotsDisabled server parameter and added it to the server settings info list
  • Increased vote time to 30 seconds
  • Changed voting system so it should be easier to pass/fail votes.
  • Hacks that allowed entering the enemy PTs should not work anymore
  • Removed the reward message stuff so there should be no UT3 announcer
  • Added „recordDemo“ command that lets you start a 2 minute long serverside demo without having to be logged in as admin
  • Added the ability to see player IPs in Demos
  • Added a ClientList command that displays Player ID, IP, SteamID, Team and Name of all connected clients
    – Can be used in-game by logging into admin/moderator then using „AdminClientList“
    – Can be used remotely by executing „LogClientList“
  • Added the ability for us to globally ban IPs and IP masks aswell as Steam-IDs
  • Changed MaxPlayers default to 40
  • Added a random team swap option for use with clanwars until auto-league integration is up
  • Added a delay between allowing name changes
  • No two players can have the same name
  • Added a server-customisable message filter
  • Added log message for player name changes
  • Temporarily removed Rcon Whitelist and Banning due to UDK bug giving the wrong IP
  • ‚\n‘, ‚\t‘ and ’nbsp‘ in Chat Messages or Names now get replaced with a normal space
  • Updated log messages to be nicer to parse, tokens are separated by nbsp