Revamp Expansion Mod V. 2.0 Alpha 1.31 + SC2 Mod Manager V. RC1A

Von der Revamp Expansion Mod für Supreme Commander 2 kam vor einiger Zeit noch eine neue Version heraus, die viele Bugfixes beinhaltet und nun auch bei uns heruntergeladen werden kann. Damit die Mod ordnungsgemäß eingerichtet und funktionieren kann, empfiehlt es sich zudem den neuen SC2 Mod Manager zu verwenden!

Changelog RVE

Please use RVE with the new Mod Manager for the cleanest installation

!!!!!! Mod Support Information !!!!!!
• The Infinite War Battle Pack DLC is Requested
• Requests Mod Support Minimod v7 ( Included in download )

Version 2.0 A1.3/1.31

Released 24/09/15



HOTFIXES for A1.31

  • Fixed Illuminate ACU cannon projectile not showing
  • Fixed Cybran Skiadrum AA sound
  • Fixed Cybran Krypton Regen Rate
  • Fixed Research Stations Experience Ranking
  • Research Stations now level up in the following minutes 15/25/35/45/60 from game start



  • Fixed black build texture on T2/T3 Mass extractors
  • Added Air Experimental Tera Fortress
  • Jack Hammer build cost and time rebalanced
  • Pause ability on Energy Generators replaced with “Enable/Disable Engineering Tower” ability
  • Enable/Disable Engineering Tower ability now clears commands and now can be doubled clicked to disable all



  • Fixed missing jump jets on 3 land units
  • Shredder Assault Drone build time and energy cost have been increased
  • The T2 Wagner Tank has been replaced with older updated RVE model
  • Fixed Skiadrum AA targeting problem
  • Skiadrum new walk animation added and model adjustments
  • Fixed nuke not being unlocked when researched
  • Fixed Jump Range on Loyalist Reborn
  • Fixed ACU firing problem
  • Corrected Adaptors shield size
  • AI can now use the PD unpack ability on the Brick
  • AI can now use the Replicate ability on the Loyalist
  • Changed Adaptors health



  • AI can now use the Rapid Fire ability on the Emissary
  • Fixed Fortified Artillery not firing
  • Fixed Nuke strategic icons
  • Fixed black build texture on T2/T3 Mass extractors
  • Fixed ACU firing problem
  • Added T2 Assault Bot (Colossus)



  • Carriers can no longer build Air Transports
  • Carriers build rates increased from 3.5 to 4.5
  • Research Rate Upgrade has been removed from the research tree
  • Research Stations now gain Experience every 15min increasing your income rate by 20% each time for an hour, Experience timer starts at the start of the match.
  • Fixed upgraded units not matching to health of a prebuild unit of the same Tier level
  • AI Handicaps reduced
  • Some AI emery threat levels balanced
  • Nuke research cost increased by 10
  • Mobile unit personal shields balanced off unit’s health



  • Enable/Disable Toggles on Mass Converters and Research stations have been updated for better functionality, Icons have also been updated.
  • Adjacency code improvements and refinements
  • Adjacency added for Radar Stations
  • Adjacency added for SCU Capsule’s
  • Mass converters adjacency for gantries now reduces build times as well as mass costs
  • Fixed Adjacency beams effects being left behind when a unit dies
  • Fixed Adjacency not applying when placing down the applying unit 1st
  • Fixed Adjacency Buffs not being removed on Reclaiming/Death
  • Fixed Adjacency affecting build scaffolding from being removed
  • Fixed Adjacency not being removed when the applying unit has been captured
  • Fixed Cybran and Illuminate Nukes Structure Anti-Nuke shot down requirement not being 2

Changelog SC2 Mod Manager


Ensure you have Internet Explorer 9 or above. IE8 does not work (credit to malurok97)

Make sure you have .NET Framework 4.5.1 or newer. The installer for 4.5.1 can be found below:

Points of Interest

  • Mod Manager should determine where Supreme Commander 2’s installation directory is located if you have the game installed through Steam. If that piece is not working as expected please let compelx know

I’ve been told the auto detection piece is broken. I am investigating why so for now follow the bit below.

  • If prompted for the installation directory there’s no harm in specifying it anyways. The folder you choose should have the „bin“ folder within it.

Quote:The folder you choose should have the the „bin“ folder within it.

For example, if you’re game’s exe was located at:
D:\games\Supreme Commander 2\bin\SupremeCommander2.exe

You should choose as the installation directory:
D:\games\Supreme Commander 2


This is the initial release candidate of the compelx/Revamp Supreme Commander 2 Mod Manager. Note: Being that this is a release candidate it is expected to contain numerous bugs so please bear with us. Contact compelx if you have any questions or issues for the time being.

Why use this Mod Manager

  • Easy to use, responsive user interface
  • Automatic detection of mod conflicts (mod authors need not worry about compatibility issues)
  • Gamedata hash calculation – ensure you and your friends have the same game files
  • Backup and restore – installation and uninstallation puts previous files back in their proper place

This Mod Manager does not work directly with .SCD files. It requires mod authors create .SC2 packages with the included SC2Creator.exe utility. Mod authors should consult the authoring article compelx wrote on his profile.

Download “Revamp Expansion Mod V. 2.0 Beta 1.1P2” Revamp Expansion Mod V. 2.0 B1.1 P2.rar – 625-mal heruntergeladen – 574 MB

Download “SC2 Mod Manager V. 07.10.17 RC2” SC2 Mod Manager V. 07.10.17 – 3275-mal heruntergeladen – 9 MB