Revamp Expansion Mod V. 2.0 Beta 1.0

Nach längerer Zeit ist nun die erste Beta der Revamp Expansion Mod V. 2.0 für Supreme Commander 2 erschienen! Ein großes Augenmerk legte man unter anderem auf das Anpassen der Schildgeneratoren sowie der Forschungsstrukturierung. Weiterhin verbesserte man die KI, integrierte 17 neue Mod-Maps und nahm einige Änderungen an dem UI Widget vor, welches für den Ressourcen- und nun auch Einheitenhandel gedacht ist. Natürlich wurden auch wieder viele Bugs entfernt und Balancing-Anpassungen vorgenommen.



Version 2.0 B1.0

Released 04/07/16




  • Give Unit and Select Ally abilities has been removed
  • T3 Shield upgrade added to research tree
  • T2 Shields are now upgradable to T3 shields
  • T3 Structures Research layout has been updated in the Research Tree
  • Tech Toggle has been removed
  • Progress Bars are now shown when upgrading a unit
  • Added 17 mod maps which will show up in the lobby
  • Energy Fire Cost (E/C) has been added to the following units, these costs can be lowered by Using Adjacency (Artillery, T2 Tactical missile launcher, T3 PDs)
  • Research Tree Damage, Health and Regen upgrades have been rebalanced
  • Fixed rebuild ACU buildable tier levels
  • SCU’s have been re-balanced
  • ACU rebuild costs lowered
  • Fixed SCU’s being able to fire when building
  • T3 PDs have been re-balanced
  • Targeting Fixed on Prototype Defenses
  • None Amphibious unit’s will only be destroyed when entering Water Not Seabeds.
  • T3 Overload ability changed, it will now disable the shield rather than blowing up the shield structure.
  • All T3 AAs have been re-balanced
  • Anti-ACU countermeasures will now disable after 40 minutes
  • All T2 Artillery has been re-balanced
  • All Prototype Defenses have been re-balanced
  • Adjacency Build Time Buffs increase for gantries
  • Engineers gain a movement speed buff when upgrading Tier levels
  • Engineer/Factory build and defense upgrades has been merged into a single Tier Upgrade
  • T3 Energy Generators energy per second increased from 280 to 350



  • Unit Stats Widget Added (Health, Shield, Regen, DPS, AA DPS, Energy Fire Costs (E/C), Mass, Energy, Research Production, Unit Rank, Build Rates)
  • Tech Select Buttons Added (Lock button will apply the selected tech to any selected unit)
  • Gift Button added, gift any unit to an ally or convert a builder into an ally builder
  • Resource Sharing UI by Albino has been re-coded by me (OverRated)
  • Resource Sharing UI send max resource button has been fixed
  • Resource Sharing UI when dragging the sliders over the amount you have stored it will still send your max amount for that Resource
  • Resource Sharing UI: you can now type in an amount you wish to send



  • Cybran can no longer build T3 shields they must be upgraded from T2
  • Cybran T3 shields can be upgraded to a stage higher
  • Cybran SCU Chest Weapon Fixed
  • UEF SCU Shoulder Cannon Fixed
  • New Unit Added Illuminate T1 Flying Saucer „Loono“
  • Models Updated for Cybran and Illuminate T2/T3 Shields
  • Cybran Recycler will no longer auto reclaim structures
  • Targeting Fixed on Cybran ACU Main Weapon
  • Experimental abilities have been balanced

– Magnet pull/push

– Shield Recharge

  • UEF Disruptor Station Experimental Artillery has been re-balanced
  • UEF Tarmacs have been updated
  • Illuminate Tarmacs have been updated



  • Numerous AI Fixes and improvements
  • Cybran AI are able to upgrade their shields
  • AI Platoon Behavior has been restructured
  • AI will now destroy lower Tier Energy Gens and PD/AA structures
  • AI will now destroy Research Station when all research has been unlocked

Download “Revamp Expansion Mod V. 2.0 Beta 1.1P2” Revamp Expansion Mod V. 2.0 B1.1 P2.rar – 571-mal heruntergeladen – 574 MB