SC2 Mod Manager V. 02.23.16 B2

Für Supreme Commander 2 ist eine neue Version des SC2 Mod Managers erschienen, dieser unter anderem nun auch ältere Mods unterstützt.

Zudem wird ein LUA-Editor zum einfachen bearbeiten jener Files mitgeliefert und das UnitCap (Einheitenlimit) kann über den Manager nun zusätzlich verändert werden. Weiterhin wurden verschiedene Bugs gefixt, Crashes behoben und ein Informationssystem über erschienene Updates integriert.



Attention Windows 7 users!

Ensure you have Internet Explorer 9 or above

Make sure you have .NET Framework 4.5.1 or newer. The installer for 4.5.1 can be found below:

Attention Windows 8 users!

All you have to do is make sure you have .NET Framework 4.5.1 or newer. The installer for 4.5.1 is the link above.


This is the first update to the compelx/Revamp Supreme Commander 2 Mod Manager. Contact compelx if you have any questions or issues.

What’s New?

  • Added legacy support in Creator and Mod Manager so that older mods like warp pillar won’t have to continually be updated to support the newest version of their dependency if they’re added as a legacy supported dependent item in a parent mod
  • Added a LUA editor to allow easier editing of LUA files (when applicable)
  • Added UnitCap value editor for game.prefs (note only the values shown on settings page are supported)
  • Added a game.prefs reset button which deletes the file from the %localappdata% path
  • Fixed bug where cancelling the add mod action would fail to remove the loading panel
  • Added a notification system to alert a user when an update is available for this product at – this is a temporary work around until a proper hands free updater can be implemented
  • Included conditional logic to show an error message when the game’s executable, while previously set, does not exist in the location specified
  • Fixed a bug where side mod parent dependencies were only being shown by hash and not also name
  • Crash dumps will now exist within a folder on the desktop to prevent clutter

How to Install

If this is a fresh install then simply extract the contents to a folder of your choice and open up SC2ModManager.exe

If you’re upgrading then download this zip file, extract the contents, and replace all of your old files with these new ones. Upon launching SC2ModManager.exe your settings YML and database should be automatically updated with the new changes – it’s that simple.

Why use this Mod Manager

  • Easy to use, responsive user interface
  • Automatic detection of mod conflicts (mod authors need not worry about compatibility issues)
  • Gamedata hash calculation – ensure you and your friends have the same game files
  • Backup and restore – installation and uninstallation puts previous files back in their proper place
  • LUA editing interface (where supported by mod)

This Mod Manager does not work directly with .SCD files. It requires mod authors create .SC2 packages with the included SC2Creator.exe utility. Mod authors should consult the authoring article compelx wrote on his profile.

Download “SC2 Mod Manager V. 07.10.17 RC2” SC2 Mod Manager V. 07.10.17 – 879-mal heruntergeladen – 9 MB