SC2 Mod Manager V. 07.10.17 RC2

Überraschung, Überraschung! Für den Mod Manager von Supreme Commander 2 kam ein wenig unerwartet eine neue Version heraus, die einige Probleme des Vorgängers behebt. Der wohl nervigste Bug verbunden mit einem typischen Datenbankfehler soll auch der Vergangenheit angehören, so dass nervige Neuinstallationen des Spiels hoffentlich zukünftig nicht mehr erforderlich sind!


This is a release candidate for the SC2MM – it is a potentially unstable minor release but aims to fix a few pain points. See the description for more information.


  • UPDATE 07-10: Fixed overflow CSS to allow for extended LUA editor length

  • No more HTTP requests for update checks (this should reduce the false positives thrown by antivirus solutions)
  • jQuery is localized and will not be served from Google (this should prevent script errors for players who are not online)
  • ModManagerVersion bug should be fixed (this should prevent SQLite database errors in some cases)


Download and extract the zip file. Go into the SC2MM folder that was extracted and select everything and copy. Find wherever these files currently exist on your system and paste over them (replacing everything). Then run SC2ModManager.exe

If you’ve never run SC2ModManager.exe before then just move the files to wherever you would like and run SC2ModManager.exe

Because I have not moved this to Electron yet and it is still a hybrid of javascript and C# you cannot run this successfully on a computer that does not have at least Internet Explorer 9 – Internet Explorer 11 is recommended. You’ll also need .NET 4.5.1 or higher.

Please report any errors you encounter to me in a private message. I will then post resolutions to these problems as comments here once we get them figured out. Thank you!

Download “SC2 Mod Manager V. 07.10.17 RC2” SC2 Mod Manager V. 07.10.17 – 1180-mal heruntergeladen – 9 MB