Sider For PES 2015 by Juce V. 1.2

Für den Sider For PES 2015 by Juce ist eine neue Version erschienen, die Abstürze oder Probleme beim Switchen von Anwendungen behebt.

Sider 1.2 For PES 2015 by Juce (Sides and Entrance Scenes Unlocked)

This tool allows you to make a couple of small tweaks to your PES experience:

1. You can freely select sides in competition modes – where such selection is normally restricted.
For example: in cups, leagues, Champions League, and so for.

2. You can now enjoy the entrance scene cinematics in all game modes, including Exhibition matches, cups and leagues.

Changelog 1.2: For now, for those of you who have problems with sider freezing or problems with switching to other apps with Alt-Tab – where explorer or some other application freezes because of sider, can you try this newer version with slightly modified hooking logic?:

See readme.txt inside the archive on how to use it. It’s pretty simple. More info about this tool here.

If you still running into those problems, please post your log file here (sider.log – the Sider program will create it in the same directory where you have sider.exe and sider.dll)

Note : don’t put the sider files into you game directory. It is best to unpack the archive to some place where you have full control: Desktop for example.

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