SourceRadio V. 2016.08.03

Ein praktisches Tool für Teams, die gerne CounterStrike: GO, Left for Dead 2 oder Team Fortress 2 zocken und dabei Musik hören möchten, ist SourceRadio. Ihr habt dabei die Möglichkeit eure eigene Wiedergabeliste zu erstellen und auch bestimmte Lieder anzufordern. Gestreamt werden die einzelnen Musiktitel dann über die Plattform YouTube. Weitere Informationen über das Projekt, die Ingame Commands sowie dessen Installation gibt es über die offizielle GitHub-Seite.


Updated: August 3, 2016

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Supported games

•  Team Fortress 2
•  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
•  Left 4 Dead 2

Let me know about other games you’d like to see supported.

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SourceRadio makes it possible for an entire team to build a playlist and listen to music together as they play—on any server. It’s also great for those simply wanting to listen to music (or anything) privately.

When jamming as a team, SourceRadio plays music through the owner’s microphone to the rest of the team. Songs can be requested by any player on the team via the chat interface. If multiple songs get requested within a short time span, the first requested song plays, and the others are queued.

The selection of music that can be played using SourceRadio is practically infinite. That’s because SourceRadio streams music directly from YouTube. When players request a song, SourceRadio takes the request and sends it to YouTube, which spits out the top search result. SourceRadio stores the information gathered from each song request in a local database, using that information to avoid as many lookups as possible. SourceRadio also saves the most-requested songs locally to the owner’s drive in order to stream songs more efficiently.

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