Spielszenen gesucht

Das Team von Heroes & Generals will im neuen Jahr das Spiel deutlich stärker in das Gedächtnis der Spieler rücken und unter anderem mit der Hilfe von Trailern als auch Video-Tutorials dieses Ziel erreichen. Dazu wird die Community aufgerufen vielversprechende Videoszenen an das Team zu schicken. Als Bedingung wird dabei aufgeführt, dass die Videos auf den höchsten Qualitätseinstellungen aufgenommen werden sollten und keine Videobearbeitung stattgefunden haben darf. Auch sollten die zugesendeten Aufnahmen nicht über mehrere Stunden gehen, sondern einen interessanten Aspekt im Spiel betrachten. Welcher das sein könnte ist dabei völlig freigestellt! Falls euer Video diese Kriterien erfüllt und als gut befunden wird, schenkt euch das H&G-Team 500 In-Game Gold! Bei exzellenten Werken ist auch noch deutlich mehr drin!

Euer Video könnt ihr an folgende E-Mail-Adresse versenden: alexc @ square-enix.com

Nachfolgend nun noch die Originalmitteilung zum Thema:

„Hi guys,

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Reto.Chinch – H&G’s token Brit and Reto’s man on the inside at Square Enix London. Lovely to meet you all!

So, we’ve got big plans for H&G in 2014, and one of the things we’re really looking to ramp up this year is the amount of video content we release. We really want to be able to show off everything that the game has to offer in the best possible ways, as well as creating useful things such as video guides and tutorials to help new players get into the game. To do this, we need lots and lots of raw footage, showing everything from standard infantry-only skirmish battles to full on advanced tactical town assaults with units of every kind piling into the action. Seeing as how our players create all of the best moments on the battlefields, we thought you might be able to help us out with this. (If I’m left to capture this stuff on my own, most of the videos will end up looking a little something like this.)

To cut to the chase, here’s what we need you guys to help out with:
For those of you playing with high settings on decent PCs to capture your H&G sessions as you play (using fraps or similar capture software)
When you’ve captured anything you think is great, drop me an email at alexc@square-enix.com, explaining what you think is cool about your video
I’ll then email you back with a dropbox link, so you can send the video file over to me
For every video that we use (even if it’s just a few seconds of your footage), we’ll send you a voucher for 500 in-game Gold (if we think it’s really great, we may even throw in a little extra!)

As I said before, we need lots of footage of all sorts of areas and aspects of the game, but please don’t just send hours and hours of footage across – what we’re looking for are the things you capture that you think are exciting, interesting or cool for whatever reason. Also, it’s important to note this is just about raw footage, so no VO or fancy editing needed here – if you want to make your own fully fledged videos, please keep doing this. We had some awesome fan vids sent to us last year, and we don’t want for these to stop!

This is a bit of a trial for now, so we’ll see how it goes. As time goes on, we may decide to issue one-off challenges to capture specific aspects of the game, with different rewards on offer, but we’ll keep it simple for now.

If you’ve got questions about any of this at all, or if you just want to say hello, please feel free to drop me a mail at the email above any time.

I’m really looking forward to hearing from you!


(Quelle: http://forum.heroesandgenerals.com/)