Star Wars Helmets V. 1.9

Wieder einmal ist ein kleines Update für die Star Wars Helmets Mod in XCOM 2 erschienen. Hinzugekommen ist der Flametrooper – Helm, womit nun immerhin schon acht verschiedene Varianten zur Verfügung stehen.


This mod adds helmets from Star Wars to your XCOM Soldiers (male and female).

Current version: 1.9

– Classic Stormtrooper Helmet (Reworked)
– Scout Trooper Helmet (Reworked)
– First Order Helmet
– Mandalorian Helmet
– Republic Commando Helmet
– Clone Trooper Phase 1 Helmet
– Tie Fighter Helmet
– Flametrooper Helmet

– Full color and camo customization
– Facepaint „Black Collar“ to cover the exposed neck
– Facepaint „Invisible“ for those who do not own the Reinforcement DLC

To do list:
– Total rework on the Republic Commando Helmet
– Star Wars Armor mod (you won’t see this any time soon)
– More texture improvements
– More helmets

Models by jettaroni10 and swfan83

Thanks for the support!

To install this mod, unzip the downloaded folder into your computer’s directory:
Steam\SteamApps\common\XCOM 2\XComGame\Mods

The mod shall appear on XCOM 2 Launcher, you simply have to mark it and you’re ready to go.
There are no compatibility issues with other tattoo mods.

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