Supreme Commander 2: Revamp Expansion Mod V. 2.0 Alpha 1.1

Von der Revamp Expansion Mod für Supreme Commander 2 ist eine neue Version erschienen. Neben viel Bugfixing und Balancing-Anpassungen ist es besonders interessant, dass die Mod nun einen eigenen Installer mit sich bringt. Dementsprechend sollte es nun ein Kinderspiel sein die Revamp Expansion Mod einsatzbereit zu machen. Zudem gehören die Probleme mit dem Mod Manager in der letzten Version auch der Vergangenheit an.


How to Install
Run RVE_Installer.exe which is included in the mod click install then click Launch
Change Log (Alpha 1.1)

*************** CHANGES ***************

Rebalanced all shield structure health
Anti ACU rush counter measures added
Build Time/Cost changes on multiple mobile experimentals
Factory / Engineer Tier Research Tree Unlocks removed and now apply when unlocking Tier Research Module’s for each sections
Tier 2 / 3 shield halved in shield health and resource drain costs, regen has been nerfed by 100
Tier 1 PDs / AAs halved in damage
Experimentals veterancy lowered in both experience needed and buffs
15 second cool down added to Hunker
Adjacency Rate of fire buff has been nurfed
ACU has been nurfed in health so veterancy is more balanced
Research income has been halved
A Research upgrade has been added to the Research Tree to double research income
Tier 3 Artillery Radius decreased to 700
Mavor Elite Radius increased to 1800
Mass adjacency have been added for gantries
Energy adjacency has been added for both Mass extractors and research stations
Resource Sharing for max energy amount has been increased
Jackhammer has also been nerfed
Repair arms on energy increase in repair time the higher the tier
Overload has been added back onto T3 shields
Cybran ACU Build Rate bonus Research has been nerfed from 10% to 5%
Area Damage Research unlock for the Cybran ACU has been removed
Phoenix Attack Bomber model updated weapon fixed
New Aeon T3 Point Defense Added
Avalanche II damage changed
Aeon T3 mass extractor cost changed
Codename 8 Point Defense damage changed
Movement speed research tree unlock added for UEF ACU
T1 AA upgrade added for Harvog
Scale changes to Tier land and air units
Raptor model changed
Cybran T3 AA bot AddedCybran
Cybran Adapter moved to T2
Experience per kill on all units has been balanced T1 units give less Experience when T3 gives more
Multiple ACU Research Tree Changes
Other Research Tree Changes
Team Color Pink has been darkened
Max Build Distance for ACU’s increase from 15 to 25
ACU movement speed increased.
T2 Mobile Land Shields reblanced.

*************** FIXES ***************

Cybran T1 mass convertor broken and crashes the game ( FIXED )
Enable/disable mass fabrication doesn’t appear to do anything ( Use CTRL+R to see it working )
„Sentury“ should be „Century“? ( FIXED )
UEF T3 mass convertor appears to have no build texture when building (or any texture, for that matter — it’s invisible. Or maybe just my slow computer. Gotta test it.) ( FIXED )
Adjacency doesn’t apply to T2/T3 Factories ( FIXED )
Adjacency beams clip through land cutouts ( NOT A BUG JUST NO WAY TO STOP THEM FROM PASSING INTO THE CUTOUTS and doesn’t look any worse than when engineers assist a factory 😛 . )
Ahwassa death bug ( FIXED )
Annihilator and The Hammer can’t walk in water ( FIXED )
Armored Fortress has no storage and can’t build ( FIXED )
Noah unit cannon can’t build T2 or T3 units ( FIXED )
Rift Cannon storage size wrong ( hard codded to the UEF Noah Unit Cannon )
Class 2 Experimental Research Module is unlocked and is free ( THIS IS UNUSED FOR NOW )
The Illuminate structure T2 health upgrade can be unlocked at the start ( FIXED )
Mass extractor doesn’t gain veterancy over time, but the veterancy bar is still there ( Disabled for human players but AI still use veterancy )
T101 strategic icon appears to be that of a ship…as in, it’s a semicircle ( FIXED )
Brackman’s damage radius is huge ( FIXED )
Phenom has old icon ( FIXED )
R1 Ion Reactor slides on the wrong axis when being built ( FIXED )
UEF Land „Tier 3 Anti-Air Upgrade“ says it affects t2 units ( FIXED )
Aeon Naval Units are built invisible ( FIXED )
Aeon Naval Factory missing Tier levels ( FIXED )
Aeon Naval Factory is missing animations ( FIXED )
Strategic missile submarines cant build nuke ( FIXED )
Naval Unit Scaling wrong ( FIXED )
Building buildings on ACU warp debris makes the debris disappear ( THIS IS NORMAL APPLIES TO ANY THINK YOU BUILD OVER )
Mass extractors captured by an enemy and then captured back reset to T1 ( FIXED )
UEF T3 Land Regen upgrade says it affects T2 units ( FIXED )
Land units appear to not leave wreckage ( UNITS WITH NO DEATH ANIMATIONS LEAVE RUBBLE )
Sharing UI doesn’t close in skirmish games ( FIXED )
When (UEF) factory pauses to complete build tech upgrades, build animations don’t stop ( FIXED )
Eco Panel not showing the right research per tick ( FIXED )
Asylum teleport range is to small ( FIXED )
Some units had friendly fire on which they did in FA ( FIXED REMOVED FRIENDLY FIRE)
Oblivion fires it’s shell backwards ( FIXED REPLACED UNIT WITH NEW UNIT )
grammatical errors in loading tips ( FIXED )
Continental has old build icon ( FIXED )
No space between „Riptide“ and „X“ in its display name. Same with „Ravager“ and „X“. ( FIXED I GUESS )
No dash in EG1200 Fusion Reactor ( FIXED BUT WAS LIKE THIS IN FA ?)
Soulstorm units die when landing ( FIXED )
UEF Field Engineer doesn’t unlock ( FIXED )
AEON Exp nuke missing from build restrictions ( FIXED )
Ported Cybran Naval units can go on land without legs and jumpjet ( FIXED )
The top gun on the Riptide X misses its target ( FIXED )
Starfire has a mis-capitalized letter (same with the Heatseeker and Firestorm and Codename 8 and Skyfall) ( FIXED JUST FOR ALBNIO 😀 )
Proto-brain complex build time has a extra zero ( FIXED THIS CRAPPY UNIT )
Gantries switch to a „blank tech“ ( THIS TECH IS FOR GOD XP CLASS 3 EXPERIMENTALS )
Annihilator is listed as a assault bot in build menu ( FIXED )
I can build the old Aegis if I enabled the „All Units Unlocked“ condition in the skirmish setup ( FIXED )
UEF ACU Veterancy research gives intel buff? ( DOESN’T HAS SAME BUFF AS DEFAULT GAME )
UEF tech tree T2 Barrel Defense Upgrade“ research description features a „|“ instead of a slash ( FIXED )
Regen missing from Aeon T3 land units ( FIXED )
Pac doesn’t have the afterburn ability ( FIXED )
Hooked OnStopBeingBuilt functions don’t have „builder“ or „layer“ args ( FIXED )
Eco Panel displays „+-1“ instead of just „-1“ ( FIXED )
Experimental push radius have been changed

Download “Revamp Expansion Mod V. 2.0 Beta 1.1P2” Revamp Expansion Mod V. 2.0 B1.1 P2.rar – 655-mal heruntergeladen – 574 MB