Supreme Commander 2 – SC2 Mod Manager V. 1.02

Wer in Supreme Commander 2 verschieden Mods ausprobieren und nicht ständig Sicherungen der Originaldateien hin und her verschieben will, sollte einen genaueren Blick auf den SC2 Mod Manager werfen. Dieser ermöglicht nämlich die einfache Integration von Mods in das Spiel. Des Weiteren lassen sich die Files auch schnell und unkompliziert entfernen, so dass euch schnelle Tests möglich sind. Downloaden könnt ihr das nützliche Tool unter diesem Link.

Created By CerusVI of GPG forums
• Supreme Commander 2

Update Info
Make sure you remove all the mods in the previous version of the Mod Manager before opening the updated version.

• Requires .NET 4.0

Change Log
Version 1.02
• Added an MD5 Hash generated from loaded mods (and their versions)
• LongDesc accepts plaintext files
• Desc folder check is skipped if the mod being examined has no LongDesc
• Version is now numeric only
• ReqModVer is now an optional field, expects the $Version for the required mod to be equal to or greater than the one listed here before loading
• Numerous changes to the settings menu and file to facilitate updates (v1.0 will still require a clean install)
• ConflictMod field, adding an ID to this prevents them from being enabled simultaneously.

Version 0.9
• Added $ModURL to mod.cfg, this accepts a GPG Forum thread ID for linking to mod release threads.
• Added $ReqModID & $ReqModName to mod.cfg, accepts mod $IDs and names that this mod requires to be enabled.
• Added $Patch to mod.cfg, allows for incremental updates to mods in the library (used for mods with multiple .scd files, allows them to be updated individually.)
• Allows users to specify SC2 install folder in settings. (Not well tested!)
• Assorted tweaks and improvements to the back-end framework.

Version 0.8
• Enabled settings screen
• Added log setting to assist with debugging (partially implemented)
• Added persistent loading setting
• Added setting to choose mod library storage location
• Changed default mod library location (supreme commander 2/SC2MM)
• Changed mod loading behavior to favor copy when it encounters original .scd files and move when it doesn’t (noticeable library loading time decrease with very large mods)

Version 0.6
• Updating hosted mods through the interface
• Generating list of active mods (for sharing and synchronization)
• Content previewer (.bp reader)

Bugs and Problems
Please PM CerusVI the Creator of the manager