Team Editor Manager V. 0.9.1

Vom Team Editor Manager kam nun die Version 0.9.1 heraus. Was sich genau getan hat, kann man den Changelog leider nicht entnehmen. Wir gehen davon aus, dass kleinere Bugs gefixt wurden.

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you can create new teams
Version 0.9.1 General Features:
Edit the file .bin:
– CompetitionEntry.bin
– Player.bin
– PlayerAssignement.bin
– Team.bin
– Stadium
– Reading of all teams in the files
– Change team name (auto change for all languages)
– Home stadium
– Reading of all players in the files
– Id preview
– Add Structure League (English League, French League, Italian League, Spanish League, Classic League, Other League (Europa) Team Created) [decode Structure League: 75%]
– Reading of all players in the files
– Change the ball name
– Change the material
– Change the color
– Preview image and id
– import/export image boots
– Reading of all stadiums in the files, also support 41 stadiums mode
– Id preview
– Export/Import image stadium
Extra Features:
– Add new teams
– Add new players
– Auto-create logos teams
– auto unzlib/zlib file – Pes 14 (special thanks to sxsxsx)
– Auto delete edit.bin (option file)
– Remove Fake Teams (Premier League, Liga Zon Sagres)
– Change EXE: Save Folder and DLC Folder (no-dvd 1.01, 1.04, 1.06)
– auto dds convert stadium/boots
– Language Support (English, Italian, Spanish, Persian and also creates your language)
– Added support
– Added Tutorial
– Check for updates
– Added new function: Utility player database with id (PES 14), teams (PES 09 PES 14), stadium id (PES 14), chant id (PES 14)
– Backup files
Import formats: PNG, bmp, jpeg, gif, ico
Export formats: PNG, bmp, jpeg, gif, ico
Other Changes:
– Improve the tool
– Fix bugs
– Fix add player/s
– Fix add team/s
– Fix Configuration
– Fix languages
– Fix Structure League
– Fix unzlib / zlib
Notes and Recommendations:
– Every time you want to modify or change a file, you need to register with the configurations
– Fix bugs
– Logo Manager
– Fifa 14 Converter
Offline Tutorial: Supported
the files don’t change EDIT.bin then every time you add a team, you have to recreate the EDIT.bin
Designed and developed by lagun-2
auto unzlib/zlib by sxsxsx
Tutorial by teams Razib_46
Tutorial Structure league by rickrd0
Spanish language: tote_alkor
Persian language: Alir110

PES14 Full PlayerIDs by Suat CAGDAS
Team ID by Albiore
IDs Leagues by Tibinator360
Chants List by Txak