The Dawn of the Tiberium Age 1.1388

Von der C&C-Vollversion The Dawn of the Tiberium Age gibt es wieder einmal ein sehr umfangreiches Update, welches sich diesmal vor allem auf den Schiffskrieg konzentriert und dazu insgesamt neun neue Schiffe integriert (unter anderem auch Flugzeugträger)! Außerdem gibt es wieder ordentlich Multiplayer-Futter in Form von sieben neuen Maps für den Gefechtsmodus sowie einer neuen Coop-Map. Auch bei den Gameplay-Funktionen sparte man nicht und integrierte neue Elemente, um die Schlachten seinen gewünschten Bedürfnissen anzupassen. Hinzukamen zudem viele Anpassungen an bestehende Einheiten und Balancing-Änderungen. Das Changelog gibt euch Auskunft über alle Details. Die Vollversion könnt ihr unter diesem Link downloaden.

Note: Instead of downloading the mod as a zip file package, you can also download the installer and let it download and install the mod for you. Mind that the installer’s download speed may be slower.

Version 1.1388:
Released: Feb 20, 2015

Added: 9 new ships (Credits: Lin Kuei Ominae).
Added: New game options „Auto MCV Deploy“, „No Baddy Crates“, „Crew Survivors“, „Scrap Debris“, „Silos Needed“, „Turbo Vehicles“ and „Disable Ships“ (Credits: Bittah Commander, FunkyFr3sh).
Added: New high-res icons for the client and the game (Credits: Bittah Commander, tomsons26).
Added: New multiplayer Default maps „Arctic Disaster“, „Coastal Battle“, „Island Tactics“, „Naval Rampage“, „Turfed Islands“, „Deceptive Wonderland“ and „Archipelago“ (Credits: Drive, Lin Kuei Ominae, Rampastring, stormrider).
Added: New multiplayer Co-Op map „Freezingly Desperate Grip“ (Credits: Rampastring).
Added: Custom maps are now automatically transfered in online games (Credits: Iran, Rampastring).
Changed: Units will no longer automatically fire at harvesters when the „Immune Harvesters“ option is enabled and Harvesters will then also reveal much less shroud.
Changed: The Shock Trooper’s price has been halved in enhanced mode.
Changed: The Soviet flamethrower infantry now does less damage against structures, light vehicles and infantry.
Changed: The Construction Yards now reveal more shroud in enhanced mode.
Changed: Light Infantry now reveal more shroud on „Perilous Island“ and „Icy Floes“.
Changed: Everything related to naval combat has been completely re-balanced (Credits: Bittah Commander, Lin Kuei Ominae, Rampastring).
Changed: It’s now possible to build on the rough ground of Forest Fires.
Changed: The Termite, Chrono Tank and Mobile Sensor Array are now able to deploy anywhere they can move (meaning even on top of tiberium, bridges and so on).
Changed: The Map Editor can now be accessed directly from the main menu (Credits: Bittah Commander).
Changed: The Jumpjet Infantry now reveals only a single cell of shroud (used to be 6 cells).
Changed: The Chinook and the A-10 Warthog can no longer reveal shroud.
Changed: The M.A.D. Tank no longer self-destructs, but it keeps dealing damage over time.
Changed: The Soviet SAM-Site’s damage and rate of fire has been reduced in classic mode.
Changed: The damage of Flak Cannons (both the structure and unit) has been halved.
Changed: The Advanced Guard Tower does 20% more damage against aircraft.
Changed: The Apache’s price has been reduced from 1200 to 1000 credits and does a lot more damage against ships in enhanced mode.
Changed: The Longbow’s hitpoints have been reduced and in enhanced mode it has more ammo and had its price raised from 1200 to 1350 credits.
Changed: The Soviet Runway has fewer hitpoints in Enhanced mode.
Fixed: The „Disable Super Weapons“ option didn’t prevent the AI from using the Ion Cannon in classic mode.
Fixed: Allies and Soviet were unable to build an MCV in Classic mode.
Fixed: The Co-Op versions of „Tunnel Train-ing“ and „Radial Range“ no longer crash with multiple human players present (Credits: Rampastring).
Fixed: The game was unable to recognize some mouse devices and would then disallow you from playing (Credits: FunkyFr3sh).
Fixed: Harvesters can no longer get stuck on the cliffs above starting location 7 of Forest Fires.
Fixed: It’s no longer possible for units to crush walls and then get stuck on top of cliffs on „Perilous Islands“.
Fixed: Blue tiberium that gets replaced by gems when the „Replace Tiberium With Ore“ option is enabled can no longer explode and cause a chain-reaction.
Fixed: It now is less likely for the AI to build another faction’s power plant (Credits: Bittah Commander).
Fixed: Allies and Soviet couldn’t get Hunter Seekers from crates.
Fixed: Different waypoint sets now have different colors.