The Dawn of the Tiberium Age V. 1.1290

Von der The Dawn of the Tiberium Age – Vollversion, die das alte C&C-Universum im grafischen Gewand von C&C Tiberium Sun darstellt, sind hintereinander zwei neue Versionen veröffentlicht worden, die so einige neue Inhalte bieten. So gibt es nun eine Sowjet-Kampagne, die immerhin 8 Missionen umfasst, und eine neue Multiplayer-Map. Auch wurden speziell für Mapper einige neue Element eingefügt (z.B. eine kleine, zerstörbare Brücke oder das Setzen von Einheiten- und Struktur-Zugehörigkeiten für Spieler) und viele Fehler sowie Balancing-Anpassungen vorgenommen. Auch nett: Ein Scoreboard zeigt nach jeder Mission nun den Punktestand des einzelnen Spielers an.

The Dawn of the Tiberium Age ist eigenständig lauffähig und benötigt dementsprechend keine vorinstallierte Vollversion von C&C Tiberium Sun.

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Version 1.1290:
Released: Jun 28, 2014

  • Added: New multiplayer map „Arctic Circle“ (Credits: ChronoSeth).
  • Added: Snowy versions of ore, gems and smudges (Credits: Bittah Commander).
  • Changed: The „Players“ pane on CnCNet will now only display DTA players (Credits: Rampastring).
  • Changed: The Sea Shadow’s missiles now use a different explosion instead of the nuke mushroom cloud.
  • Changed: The MIG’s hitpoints have been increased by 30%.
  • Changed: The YAK’s hitpoints have been reduced by 17%
  • Changed: Units will now automatically target neutral units, such as visceroids (Credits: Iran).
  • Changed: The Sea Shadow’s missiles now use a different explosion.
  • Fixed: Non-animated water used wrong colors in the map editor.
  • Fixed: The Missile Sub now does approximately twice as much damage against both naval and land units/structures when it becomes elite.
  • Fixed: The AI’s naval yards were invisible.


Version 1.1282:
Released: Jun 26, 2014

  • Added: You will now see a score screen at the end of singleplayer missions (Credits: Bittah Commander).
  • Added: Mappers can now assign specific players as owners of pre-placed units and structures on maps (Credits: Iran).
  • Added: An 8-mission Soviet campaign „Creeping Destruction“ (Credits: Rampastring).
  • Added: A (destroyable) low bridge for temperate and snow maps (Credits: Bittah Commander).
  • Added: 4 different sets of gems; Red Alert colors (green, blue, yellow, red), all green, all blue and mixed green/blue (Credits: Bittah Commander).
  • Added: Mappers can now enter Spawn1-8 for teams to refer to multiplayer houses and they can also select multiplayer houses for the „14 Change House…“ trigger action (Credits: Iran).
  • Changed: The range within which long-range units will automatically engage enemy units has been slightly reduced.
  • Changed: The Allied/Soviet power plant’s price has been reduced from 300 to 250 credits.
  • Changed: The required tech level for all Tech Centers has been changed from 6 to 4.
  • Changed: Naval yards can now repair ships (Credits: Bittah Commander).
  • Changed: The elite Sea Shadow now spawns chemical fire and does twice as much area damage(Credits: Bittah Commander).
  • Changed: Exploding blue tiberium now spawns blue shards and blue chemical explosions (Credits:Bittah Commander).
  • Changed: The „Online“ menu item in FinalSun (the map editor) now contains the following links: „DTA Homepage“, „Mapping Tutorials forum“ and „Publish Map“ (Credits: Bittah Commander).
  • Fixed: The remap color of your units and structures in the „Desperate Grip“ mission is now blue.
  • Fixed: You can no longer get randomized to Allies or Soviet in classic mode on CnCNet (Credits:Rampastring).
  • Fixed: The harvester (ore truck) now uses the correct icon when playing as Allies or Soviet.
  • Fixed: Construction Yards will no longer spawn a barrel next to them after deploying (Credits: Bittah Commander).
  • Fixed: All AI structures are capturable again, excluding the normal Power Plants and in Enhanced mode also excluding the War Factories (Credits: Bittah Commander).
  • Fixed: You will no longer see darkened, unclickable icons on the sidebar when you own structures that belong to a certain faction, when you don’t also own that same faction’s Construction Yard(Credits: Bittah Commander).
  • Fixed: The AI almost never deployed the MCV it had built to replace its lost Construction Yard with(Credits: SuperJoe).
  • Fixed: Ice floes had wrong colors on some maps.
  • Fixed: The V2’s elite weapon didn’t have a minimum range (minimum distance required to be able to fire).
  • Fixed: Ore and scrap debris no longer damage infantry (Credits: Iran).
  • Fixed: The two far-south bridges on the „Tiberian Twilight“ map have been made wider to prevent the AI from getting stuck.
  • Fixed: When there were multiple teams with human players, the members of the teams got mixed up.(Credits: Rampastring).