The Dawn of the Tiberium Age V. 1.1294

Für die C&C-Vollversion The Dawn of the Tiberium Age wurde noch eine neue Version released, die den Shock Trooper bei den Sowjets einführt und in der Multiplayer-Lobby nun Passwörter für die einzelnen, gehosteten Games erlaubt. Des Weiteren gab es noch einige Bug-Fixes und Map-Anpassungen, damit die KI besser mit den entsprechenden Karten zurecht kommt.

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Version 1.1294:
Released: Jul 07, 2014

  • Added: Password support for hosted games on CnCNet (Credits: Rampastring).
  • Changed: The „A Path Beyond“ multiplayer map now has gems instead of blue tiberium, has one of the high bridges replaced with a low bridge and has different lighting (Credits: Bittah Commander).
  • Fixed: The game room is now properly locked when all player slots are filled (having another player join caused the client to crash for the host before) and the host is properly notified of this (Credits:Rampastring).
  • Fixed: „Players in the selected game:“ notification now automatically scrolls down the chat (Credits:Rampastring).
  • Fixed: Ore used wrong colors on temperate maps after enabling the „Replace tiberium with ore“ option.


Version 1.1292:
Released: Jul 05, 2014

  • Added: The Soviet Shock Trooper (Credits: Bittah Commander).
  • Changed: You now only require a Radar Dome to be able to build the Soviet Flamethrower Infantry.
  • Fixed: All bridges on the multiplayer map „City in Conflict“ have been made wider to prevent AI players from getting stuck (Credits: Bittah CommanderRampastring).
  • Fixed: One of the four ending missions of the GDI Campaign „The Toxic Diversion“ didn’t end after completing all objectives (Credits: Rampastring).
  • Removed: Neutral units are no longer automatically targeted (this made the AI aggressively attack any neutral structures on maps with units and super weapons).