The Dawn of the Tiberium Age V. 1.1325

Von der C&C – Vollversion The Dawn of the Tiberium Age ist pünktlich zum Nikolaus eine neue Version zum Download veröffentlicht worden, die einige neue Features anbietet. So wurden der Multiplayer-Lobby viele neue Startoptionen für eine Partie hinzugefügt, damit man jedes Gefecht optimal auf seine Vorlieben anpassen kann (Details im Changelog). Des Weiteren gibt es zudem neue Themes für eben jene Lobby.

Natürlich verbesserte man auch das eigentliche Spiel und integrierte neue Maps sowie Map-Texturen. Besonders cool: Es stehen nun Coop-Missionen zur Verfügung, so dass man gerade im Freundeskreis noch mehr Spaß mit The Dawn of the Tiberium Age haben sollte!

The Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.13 – Mod DB

The time is here; version 1.13 of The Dawn of the Tiberium Age has been released.

A few highlights from the change log are:

Improved and added client features
Game lobby themes
New terrain
New maps
Co-Op missions

Many new options for the game lobby:
Destroyable Low Bridges: You can destroy low bridges by force-firing on them.
Starting Reinforcements: You will receive a small group of controllable units about a minute after the game starts.
Infinite Tiberium/Ore: Tiberium trees and ore mines will spawn tiberium so fast that even 10 harvesters won’t be able to harvest it all.
Replace Tiberium With Ore: Tiberium and tiberium trees will appear appear as ore and ore mines instead.
Harvesters Unload Instantly: Harvesters instantly unload all tiberium/ore when they dock with the refinery, just like in Red Alert.
Turtling AI: The AI will focus on just building its base and will rarely attack at all.
Build Off Ally: Build next to structures of allied players.
Stormy Weather: Storms will start at random intervals, during which you’ll be bombarded by lightning and meteors.
Start Without Shroud: The map will be entirely revealed when the game starts.
Shroud Regrows: Shroud slowly grows back.
No Infantry Crushing: Infantry can’t be crushed.
Disable Visceroids: Maps won’t have any visceroids on them and infantry also won’t turn into them when they die on tiberium.
Disable Super Weapons: Players can’t use super weapons such as the nuke and ion cannon.
Disable Unit Queuing: Just like in Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert, you won’t see a queue counter when you click a unit’s icon on the sidebar more than once and you’ll have to wait until it’s finished before you can click a unit’s icon again.

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