The Dawn of the Tiberium Age V. 1.1332

Bei The Dawn of the Tiberium Age geht es momentan schlag auf schlag mit der Veröffentlichung von neuen Versionen und so steht nun wieder ein Update bereit! Dieses fügt eine neue Multiplayer- sowie Coop-Map hinzu und bietet zusätzliche Texturen für Krater an. Des Weiteren gab es einige Bugfixes, die sich besonders auf die KI beziehen.

This is the full version of The Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.1332; all files necessary to play are included, so you also don’t need to have the original game installed. To install the mod, simply extract all files to an empty folder and run DTA.exe to play.

Note: Instead of downloading the mod as a zip file package, you can also download the installer and let it download and install the mod for you. Mind that the installer’s download speed may be slower.

Version 1.1332:
Released: Dec 09, 2014

Added: New multiplayer Default map: Icy Floes (Credits: Rampastring).
Added: New multiplayer Co-Op map: „Freezing Offensive“ (Credits: Rampastring).
Added: Extra craters from TD and RA have been added to increase the total variety from 5 craters to 30 for every theater (Credits: Bittah Commander).
Fixed: An extra ford has been added to the north-west river to prevent the AI from getting stuck there (Credits: Bittah Commander).
Fixed: GDI AI Players were still able to use the Ion Cannon when the „Disable Super Weapons“ option was enabled.
Fixed: Volkov didn’t use his own unique voice set.
Fixed: Your Mobile HQ immediately exploded when playing Survivor mode with Short Game enabled.
Fixed: The AI will no longer build on the north-west cliffs on Shiner’s Yard (Credits: Rampastring).

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