The Dawn of the Tiberium Age V. 1.1356

Und weiter gehts mit The Dawn of the Tiberium Age. Die neue Version kümmert sich ein wenig um das Balancing einiger Einheiten und macht unter anderem die MIG’s ein wenig durchschlagsfähiger. Außerdem wurden wieder einige Bugs behoben, wie fehlende oder doppelte Einheiten im klassischen Modus, Fehlverhalten der KI oder Soundprobleme.

Version 1.1356:
Released: Dec 31, 2014

Changed: The MIG’s missiles now do damage to adjacent cells, which improves damage against moving targets.
Changed: The Obelisk now deals its damage instantly in Enhanced mode.
Changed: The Sea Shadow weapon’s area damage no longer damages ships.
Changed: The Termite now fires a constant laser and does about 15% more damage over time.
Changed: Volkov now has 17% (1 cell) longer weapon range.
Fixed: Nod was unable to build the Bazooka infantry in classic mode.
Fixed: Allies were able to build two different APCs in classic mode.
Fixed: The Allied Anti-aircraft Artillery didn’t get disabled when power was low.
Fixed: The AI’s Ion Cannon Uplink upgrade often wasn’t properly visible (Credits: Bittah Commander).
Fixed: Enabling the „Turtling AI“ game option caused trains and other civilian units to not move.
Fixed: The Obelisk only had a charging sound and no firing sound in classic mode.
Removed: GDI no longer has the „Field Repair“ super weapon.
Removed: GDI can no longer build M.A.D. Tanks.

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