Thrawn’s Revenge: Imperial Civil War V. 2.2.3 Patch

Die Mod Thrawn’s Revenge: Imperial Civil War für Star Wars: Empire at War hat einen größeren Patch erhalten, der vor allem viele Fixes vornimmt und damit das Spiel deutlich stabilisiert, aber auch die KI verbessert sowie Heldeneinheiten für den Bodenkampf hinzufügt.


This patch includes several stability fixes, some other minor bug fixes, and some AI improvements.

This patch assumes you have a previously-installed version of Imperial Civil War 2.2- the current downloads all default to 2.2.3, so only use this if you have an original 2.2 installation.

To install, copy all of the contents of the included folder and paste them into your Imperial_Civil_War22\Data folder. If prompted to overwrite, say yes. If not, you have placed them in the wrong location.


– Fixed several instances of scripts ceasing to work in era progressive campaigns for certain spawn events. Still some cases likely left.
– Some galactic lag optimizations
– Fixed issue where ships would stop rendering when too far from camera
– Fixed Battledragon Death Clone
– Fixed Covell Crash on Deploy
– Fixed Quad Ion Cannon
– Some icon/text fixes
– Fixed issue where Zero Command would not break off properly in Endor Aftermath
– Fixed spawns for Okins, Ramier, Trier, Strang, Weir and Veers for Teradoc and Eriadu in various GCs
– Added NR progression holocron entries with era overviews (coming later for other factions). NR and IR now say exactly how progression works.
– Progression automatic timer reduced from 100 to 80 weeks, Thrawn -> Palpatine sub-era gap from 20 to 15 weeks
– Some skirmish FoW reveal fixes (others likely still remain)
– Company prices adjusted from 10,000 standard to other more suitable prices
– Many ground weapons (currently mostly Empire) moved to hardpoints from in-unit weapons, allowing for accuracy changes. Will be done for other factions as we go.
– Other, less interesting changes

– Disabled Yevetha (and therefore Empires at War and BFC) due to causing crashes on initiating tactical battles until we can find the cause.
– Added Reinforcement prevention radii to Starbases and mines in skirmish
– Altered stats for power to shields/weapons in skirmish
– Removed power to weapons from larger ships in skirmish (Praetor, Nebula, Allegiance)
– Removed 3 mines on Core Conflict
– Removed Bright Jewel, Mantell Massacre, Corellian Conflict and Dark Fury skirmish maps (redundant or unfinished)
– EotH starts with Krsiss instead of Nsiss in Skirmish
– Added merchant dock units for all factions
– Fixed several skirmish ships removing all FoW, some may still remain.
– Empress station damage nerfed (6 protons per hardpoint -> 2)
– Moff Resuun Tractor Beam enabled
– Enforcer pop cap 2 -> 3
– Fixed [MISSING] Ion cannons on Oto, added Quad Ion projectile
– Fixed an issue where boarded or retreated units would sometimes spawn at dummy planets and be inaccessible.
– Fixed Eriadu Lancet availability
– Fixed duplicated Hailfire company
– Strang and Weir added to Eriadu for era progressives
– World Devastator and Praetor should unlock in era 3 and 4 respectively for Remnant, with WD relocking in Jax era.

– Fixed skirmish AI inactivity
– Fixed an issue where era changes when factions are destroyed will cause a crash (until we have more time to test a better solution, this will mean the progressive GCs technically won’t end)
– Doing live testing of some measure to improve GC performance on larger maps. Let us know if you see a difference.
– Various text fixes (most prominently, deconstruction buttons have names now)
– Moved Upcoming Changes button out from under Audio button
– Fixed missing Eriadu and Maldrood starting heroes in era progressives (Veers, Trier, Okins, Ramier)
– Fixed Gladiators not spawning fighters for Maldrood and Eriadu
– Commando sticky bombs reduced in damage and blast radius
– Broader KDY discounts
– Yevetha Boarding enabled
– Lott walker icon fixed
– Kyle dropped off by Moldy Crow
– Sienar Praetor discount removed
– Sacheen properly refers to single-unit retreat
– Nuruodo now requires only level 1 in skirmish
– Shifted save warning up slightly
– Ground skirmish heroes added:
–PA: Rei’kas, Sariss, Jerec
–Zsinj: Netbers, Lanu, Gethzerion, Melvar
–Maldrood: Dengar, Lott, Boba
–Eriadu: Weir, Strnag, Bossk, Veers
–Duskhan League: Eri Palle

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