Thrawn’s Revenge: Imperial Civil War V. 2.2.5

Die Thrawn’s Revenge: Imperial Civil War – Modifikation für Star Wars: Empire at War ist vor kurzem in einer neuen Version als Full-Release erschienen. Neben einigen Bugfixes aktualisierte man vor allem Planeten-Karten und verbesserte die KI. Zudem ist es nun auch möglich im Multiplayer die GC-Map Thrawn Campaign als New Republic und Imperial Remnant zu spielen. Alle Änderungen stehen im Changelog.


Conquer the galaxy in the aftermath of the Battle of Endor as any of 8 playable factions, with an era-based progression system- the fledgling New Republic which has formed out of the Rebel Alliance, the fracturing Galactic Empire, the secretive Empire of the Hand, the warlike and xenophobic Duskhan League, and four different Imperial Warlord factions (the Pentastar Alignment, Eriadu Authority, Warlord Zsinj, and Greater Maldrood).

Conquer the galaxy in the aftermath of the Battle of Endor as any of 8 playable factions, with an era-based progression system- the fledgling New Republic which has formed out of the Rebel Alliance, the fracturing Galactic Empire, the secretive Empire of the Hand, the warlike and xenophobic Duskhan League, and four different Imperial Warlord factions (the Pentastar Alignment, Eriadu Authority, Warlord Zsinj, and Greater Maldrood). Play with hundreds of units and heroes in skirmish and 19 new galactic conquest scenarios.

Delete any existing installation before installing. Do not try to place the new version over the old version.


We recommend using the Steam Workshop copy of the mod for Steam ( , however to install it using this copy:

Right click the and select „extract here“
Place the mod into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Star Wars Empire at War\corruption\Mods (Default)

To play the mod via Steam:
-Open Steam and go to Empire at War, right click and select Properties.
-Click Launch Options and add sweaw MODPATH=Mods\Imperial_Civil_War225
-Close Properties and click Play, selecting Forces of Corruption.
-To play the original game just reverse the second set of steps and remove MODPATH=Mods\Imperial_Civil_War225 from the Launch Options.


Right click the and select „extract here“
Place the extracted Imperial_Civil_War folder into Forces of Corruption\Mods,
Place the .bat file into your Forces of Corruption folder (should be with your swfoc.exe).

C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption\Mods\Imperial_Civil_War225\Data\etc…

Double-click the .bat to play



Right click the and select „extract here“
Place the extracted Imperial_Civil_War folder into EAWX\Mods,
Place the .bat file into your Forces of Corruption folder (should be with your swfoc.exe).

C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Star Wars – Empire At War Gold\EAWX\Mods\Imperial_Civil_War225\Data\etc…

Double-click the .bat to play


Thanks To
Jeff/Farseer for various replacement textures
Dr_McCoy1701A, Capt. Ford, Captain Elegy for space skydomes
Corran Horn model\skin\rigging\animations by Sidious Invader/The Farseer
Brakiss Model\Skin\Animations by The_Farseer
Century Tank: Model, Skin, Rigging, Animation by The_Farseer
Camille for EotH tank designs (RFT)
Gas giant textures by Priteeboy:
High-res skymaps by Optikz:
Dragonshadow for the Empire of the Hand symbol design
CG Textures for texture resources
NASA for cloud map and base nebulae
Warb Null for EotH Landing Zones
FX Mod for various planet skins
Filterforge filters for texture assistance from filter creators: sjeiti, jensp, skybase, Muhznit, Anna
Klishina, Betis, ronjonnie, shul east, Moss and tpitts:
Awesomeface emoticon by whoever made it… We don’t know who you are (although we’re fairly sure you go by the name
of Schild) but thank you.
Kris Vanderwater for Scarsiss design
Quebec Dug for some Nebulae (;80368 )
Synax for base Apophysis renders (
The_Farseer for ROTM starfields
Bailknight for the V-Wing and E-Web
Planetary maps created by Björn Jónsson using Nasa images:
Free Planet Bitmaps by © DUAEL DESIGNS LLC & ROBERT STEIN III ’10:
Planetary Texture Maps by James Hastings-Trew:
Frank Gregorio – Sun textures
Lord_x- Sun Model, animations, etc.
UnrealPL Fractal Pack
Nebulae by Casperium
Legacy of War for Farm props
Z3r0x for various props on Borleias and Ession
Filo (FX Mod) for the Imperial and New Republic Specialist model
Vade Parvis for the original chest plate and shoulder pads, and Monsoontide for the helmet for Army Trooper

2.2.5 Major Changes

– Multiplayer GC Support Added: Thrawn Campaign available as New Republic and Imperial Remnant
– New VO for dozens of units, across all factions
– Yevetha Re-Enabled in GC and Skirmish
– Empires at War and Black Fleet Crisis GCs Re-Enabled
– Several tactical maps added or updated for galactic conquest planets
– New Skirmish map: Smuggler’s Ring
– Some updates to ingame tech tree dialog screens
– More AI tweaks, should fix AI skirmish issues with upgrading and building units
– Squadron count changes for several EotH ships (reflected in all tooltips)
– Hapan fighter spam nerfed
– Added a fix to prevent infinite loops causing game freezes when returning to galactic from tactical battles.
– Removed ground spawns from space-only planets for Yevetha in progressive GCs
– Stat display supported in mission log for all GCs and factions
– Added plot elements for building Wedge in the Lusankya for all applicable GCs, changes to Rogue Squadron spawns.
– Fixed issue where Carnor’s era change speech would happen at the same cue as Palpatines (era changes would go on unaffected though)
– Removed Eri Palle
– Event added for Sil Sorrannon’s revolt in BFC, which removes Yevethan heroes if you take too long winning the GC
– Fixed NR starting credits in Crimson Empire and Shadow Hand
– Fixed issue where Normal was getting more bonuses than Hard in some ways
– Fixed Ashik, Pellaeon, Skipray FoW reveal for Skirmish
– All EotH units have full stat readouts in text tooltips. Will be applied to other factions in 2.3 after feedback.
– Standardized Z-layers for ships of the same class (still randomized)
– Artillery health from 300->100 (MPTL, SPMAT, Plasma Mortar
– More ground units switched to hardpoints for inaccuracy checks
– Miy’til, TIE Raptor and ARC-170 lasers brought into line with other fighters
– TIE Defender health 25 -> 30, Shield Refresh 1 -> 3, added flyby sound effects
– Yevetha plex soldier icon changed
– Fixed Kariek ground map causing a crash
– Fixed Megamaser Texture

2.2.4 Major Changes

– Several map updates (Phindar, Serenno maps added)
– Re-added m,ap preview images (on invasion/base layout sacreens)
– AI Improvements:
— Improved the way defending ground forces interact with landing zones (defendedrs shouldn’t care about enemy reinforcements, they can go take landing zones)
— Certain defensive plans made more accessible to AI
— Fixed EotH building namers in AI plans
— Improved AI handling of planetary weapons (factions using PA HVGun should fire it now)
— SSD asteroid collision removed to help with pathfinding
— AI now takes reinforcements into account before deciding to retreat
— Incrteased desire to upgrade starbase levels
— Added Interdictor as independent category type for AI use
— Other minor adjustments
– Validusia made available to all Imperial factions
– Validusia range increased, should now outrange most ships and actually be somewhat useful (2100 -> 3100)
– Nerfed Ewok hunter damage
– Various text fixes (including Trier, Okins and Kosh ship command text, boarding use depletion tooltip)
– Lag experiements: restored AI for inactive factions, incraesed galactic movespeed (may be reverted)
– Fixed Megamaser graphical effects (singles should no longer render as duals)
– MMT AoE damage removed. strong sinmgle-target damage, shouldn’t wipe infantry squads- Gamescoring script restored, should track end-game stats more accurately now)
– Documentation updates: EotH only for now, added more stats to tooltips
– Potential fix for crash opn completion of Katana Fleet mission (needs more testing)
– Elrood income 220 -> 120
– Oto, Empress, Validusia prices adjusted
– Empress Proton Torpedo launch count 2 -> 1 for all HPs
– Raid fleets temporarily disabled in era-progressive GCs
– Harrsk combat bonus to own star destroyer now applies properly (Whirlwind)
– Performance improvements to structure display

2.2.3 Major Changes

– Fixed several instances of scripts ceasing to work in era progressive campaigns for certain spawn events. Still some cases likely left.
– Some galactic lag optimizations
– Fixed issue where ships would stop rendering when too far from camera
– Fixed Battledragon Death Clone
– Fixed Covell Crash on Deploy
– Fixed Quad Ion Cannon
– Some icon/text fixes
– Fixed issue where Zero Command would not break off properly in Endor Aftermath
– Fixed spawns for Okins, Ramier, Trier, Strang, Weir and Veers for Teradoc and Eriadu in various GCs
– Added NR progression holocron entries with era overviews (coming later for other factions). NR and IR now say exactly how progression works.
– Progression automatic timer reduced from 100 to 80 weeks, Thrawn -> Palpatine sub-era gap from 20 to 15 weeks
– Some skirmish FoW reveal fixes (others likely still remain)
– Company prices adjusted from 10,000 standard to other more suitable prices
– Many ground weapons (currently mostly Empire) moved to hardpoints from in-unit weapons, allowing for accuracy changes. Will be done for other factions as we go.

2.2.2 Major Changes:

– Disabled Yevetha (and therefore Empires at War and BFC) due to causing crashes on initiating tactical battles until we can find the cause.
– Added Reinforcement prevention radii to Starbases and mines in skirmish
– Altered stats for power to shields/weapons in skirmish
– Removed power to weapons from larger ships in skirmish (Praetor, Nebula, Allegiance)
– Removed 3 mines on Core Conflict
– Removed Bright Jewel, Mantell Massacre, Corellian Conflict and Dark Fury skirmish maps (redundant or unfinished)
– EotH starts with Krsiss instead of Nsiss in Skirmish
– Added merchant dock units for all factions
– Fixed several skirmish ships removing all FoW, some may still remain.
– Empress station damage nerfed (6 protons per hardpoint -> 2)
– Moff Resuun Tractor Beam enabled
– Enforcer pop cap 2 -> 3
– Fixed [MISSING] Ion cannons on Oto, added Quad Ion projectile
– Fixed an issue where boarded or retreated units would sometimes spawn at dummy planets and be inaccessible.
– Fixed Eriadu Lancet availability
– Fixed duplicated Hailfire company
– Strang and Weir added to Eriadu for era progressives
– World Devastator and Praetor should unlock in era 3 and 4 respectively for Remnant, with WD relocking in Jax era.

2.2.1 Major Changes:

– Fixed skirmish AI inactivity
– Fixed an issue where era changes when factions are destroyed will cause a crash (until we have more time to test a better solution, this will mean the progressive GCs technically won’t end)
– Doing live testing of some measure to improve GC performance on larger maps. Let us know if you see a difference.
– Various text fixes (most prominently, deconstruction buttons have names now)
– Moved Upcoming Changes button out from under Audio button
– Fixed missing Eriadu and Maldrood starting heroes in era progressives (Veers, Trier, Okins, Ramier)
– Fixed Gladiators not spawning fighters for Maldrood and Eriadu
– Commando sticky bombs reduced in damage and blast radius
– Broader KDY discounts
– Yevetha Boarding enabled
– Lott walker icon fixed
– Kyle dropped off by Moldy Crow
– Sienar Praetor discount removed
– Sacheen properly refers to single-unit retreat
– Nuruodo now requires only level 1 in skirmish
– Shifted save warning up slightly
– Ground skirmish heroes added:
–PA: Rei’kas, Sariss, Jerec
–Zsinj: Netbers, Lanu, Gethzerion, Melvar
–Maldrood: Dengar, Lott, Boba
–Eriadu: Weir, Strnag, Bossk, Veers
–Duskhan League: Eri Palle


The mod has essentially been redone, so doing a comprehensive changelog is impossible- this is simply an overview.

New & Redone Content in 2.2:
– Playable Factions: Warlord Zsinj, Greater Maldrood, Eriadu Authority (Hero rosters have been expanded for all rosters)
– Non-Playable Factions: Warlord Harrsk, Mandalorians, Corporate Sector Authority
– Redone skydomes, land texture sets
– Dozens of new and redone maps
– Economy rebalanced
– Particle and weapon effects redone
– Death Clones added to several units (not just explosions- this is a longer term project so not everything is done).

– AI OVerhaul Part 1:
— AI Takes advantage of mod-specific features & economy
— AI reliance on magic and unfair spawns removed- income modifiers still exist for Hard
— Rebalance AI Combat power for fleet compositions
— Some factions given distinct behaviours (ie PA and EotH isolationist until era 3 & 5 respectively)

– All Pre-existing GC maps redone & added several new GC maps:
— Imperial Civil War renamed to Empire’s End
— Art of War
— Essence of War
– Era 1
— Endor Aftermath
— Stars Align
— Bacta War
— Hunt for Zsinj
– Era 2
— Thrawn Campaign
— Isard’s Revenge
– Era 3
— Operation Shadow Hand
— Crimson Empire
– Era 4
— Reunification
– Era 5
— Black Fleet Crisis
— Orinda Campaign
— Final Imperial Push
— Caamas Crisis
– Infinities
— Survival Mode
— From the Ground Up (Single-Planet Starts)
— Empires at War

-Many new events on the galactic level
— Bacta War story thread
— Emergent factions (Hapans, Yevetha) in progressive GCs

– New Abilities:
— Single-Unit Retreat
— Boarding (New Republic, Era 2 Empire)
— Station Rotation

– New Units:
— Bellator
— Raider
— Secutor
— Dauntless
— Tartan
— Torpedo Sphere
— Peltast
— Afthonia
— Allegiance
— Procursator
— Army Troopers
— TIE Avenger
— Providence
— ARC-170
— Keldabe
— Rihkxyrk
— Arquitens
— Neutron Star
— Boarding Shuttles
— World Devastator

– Redone Units
— Executor
— Imperial I Star Destroyer
— Imperial II Star Destroyer
— Victory Star Destroyer (Crimson, VSD I, VSD II)
— Skipray Blastboat
— Lucrehulk
— Ton-Falk
— Battledragon
— TIE Fighter Line
— X, Y, A-Wing
— Vindicator / Enforcer
— Immobilizer
— Interdictor Star Destroyer
— Venator
— Acclamator
— Lancer Frigate
— MC80
— Home One
— MC80B
— MC40a
— MC90
— Carrack
— Nebulon-B
— Eclipse

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