Unlimited Weight V. 0.5

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance können in eurer Tasche allerhand Objekte landen, so dass relativ schnell ein Übergewicht erreicht und man sich entscheiden muss, was zukünftig wirklich benötigt wird. Wer für sich diese Entscheidung nicht treffen möchte, kann die Unlimited Weight – Mod installieren, womit eure Tragekapazität auf das unermessliche anwächst! Wie die Mod installiert wird, steht im Changelog.


About this mod

Expand the character maximum weight from 66 to 6666 or 999999999 pounds. 120/240/500/1120/2240 pounds version added.


  1. Go to the Mods folder of your game. (by default :  C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\KingdomComeDeliverance\Mods)
  2. Extract the content of one of the weight options contained in the .zip file into the Mods folder. It should look like this : KingdomComeDeliverance\Mods\Extended Unlimited Weight (or wathever option you picked)\Data.
  3. Done.

Editing the mod

You can edit the values yourself by renaming the .pak extension file to .zip, open it and edit the rpg_param.xml file, find this line : <row rpg_param_key=“BaseInventoryCapacity“ rpg_param_value=“ and change the value by the one you want.

Incompatible mods

Not compatible with any mod that edits „rpg_param.xml“, so in order to make it work properly with these kind of mods you’ll have to merge them by editing the .xml file yourself. Just copy or change the values edited by the mod you want to merge into the .xml of my mod.

Possible bugs

You may want to secure all of your items (to do that, you can use whatever container who’s located in the game then return to it after the Homecoming transition. Personally i used the trunk in the parents house at Skaltiz.) before finishing the quest „Homecoming“, because of the transition happening at the end of this quest may make disappear 60% of your loot if you have too much of them in your inventory.

Alle Informationen unter https://www.nexusmods.com/kingdomcomedeliverance/mods/12?tab=description.

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(Quelle: https://www.nexusmods.com)