Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War – Codex V. 3.6 Beta

Wer den Strategie-Klassiker Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War nochmal spielen und das Universum noch ein wenig erweitern will, sollte sich die Modifikation Codex einmal genauer anschauen! Neben einer ganzen Paletten an neuen Fraktionen, sieben um genau zu sein, gibt es auch für die bereits vorhandenen Fraktionen viele neue Features und Einheiten! Die Inspiration für die Mod kam durch das bekannte Table Top – Game, so dass mit einer durchaus umfangreichen und detailgetreuen Umsetzung rechnen kann! Downloaden könnt ihr Codex über diesen Link.

Daemon Changes:
All squad caps re-adjusted
Armour types amended for all units
Stalker added to Dark Forge
Blight drone added
Additional research/upgrades added
Adjusted some build times, power values
Re-wrote most of the AI…………..

Necron Changes:
Added Doomsday Ark
Added Ghost Ark
Added Annihilation Barge
Re-jigged the Necron squads across Buildings
AI re-worked some what

Other Changes
Added Mutilators to Chaos Marines (Black Legion, Night Lords and World Eaters)
Added Riptide to Tau
Added Nephilim Lightning fighter to Dark Angels
Updated Heroes Scar for the new units
Fixed Allies Reaver Champion requirements
Squad leader Necron Lords need teir 2
Cryptecs need tier 2
Fixed Marine allies being unavailable for Guard
Adjusted the Lightning fighter (was OP)
Made some amendments to the Sisters AI
Made some amendments to AD Mech AI and buildings
Blood Angels Lord of Death powers amended
Space Wolf Dreadnoughts all drop-pod deploy now
Fixed issue with Tau Guard allies (Heavy weapons)
Boosted Rubric Marines Slightly
Adjusted Storm Guardian initial melee damage
Reverted Terminator models to pre latest one
Restricted all fliers to unit cap of 2
Removed Tempest from Wolves (true wolves stay in the ground)
Removed the „Allow Titans“ win condition. Escalation and Apocalypse win conditions automatically allow titans.
Added some descriptions (note: some)
Adjusted the build buffers for a number of buildings, specifically Allies
Some other things that may have been done in the last 2 years, I can’t remember…….

(Quelle: http://www.moddb.com/)